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The Good Life Therapy Centre is the leading institution committed to helping individuals and couples deal with addiction and trauma through various therapy methods. Led by 25-year veteran Sue Diamond Potts, The Good Life Therapy has been instrumental in many successful recoveries and revived marriages. She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and an esteemed member of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors.

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Turn Your Life Around: The First Steps to Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Most people develop an addiction to alcohol either because a big life event occurred that they couldn’t cope with, or it was a habit that spiralled out of control. When things get out of hand and casual drinking turns to a full-blown addiction, you will need to turn things around.

Change Starts With You

It’s easy to tell yourself that your attachment to alcohol is not really an addiction and that you can stop anytime you want. You know deep inside that this is not true and it takes all you have to acknowledge it; after all, the hardest step towards recovery is admitting that you have a problem. At this point, you must take a long, hard look at your life and see how your addiction to alcohol is affecting you and your loved ones. Surely, the bad outweighs the good and once you see that for yourself, you have taken your first step to change.

Seek Help from Others

Recovery from alcohol addiction is not something you have to go through alone. You need full support from your family and friends as well as professional help for treatment and recovery. For that, you can go to a professional for counselling and addiction therapy, or to a rehabilitative facility. Whichever path you choose, you would need to monitor your progress and rely on your loved ones for encouragement.

Exert Efforts to Stay Sober

Your recovery does not end once you get out of rehab or have completed a program; old habits are difficult to change and it is a lifelong process. To prevent relapse, you must take it upon yourself to change the things from your past that led you to turn to alcohol. Surround yourself with positive people who understand your struggle and who can distract you from your urges. Take up new hobbies to take your mind off your cravings. Get help to heal negative emotional states that undermine your sobriety goals. You can also join support groups where you can share your experiences and relate with others in the same situation as you, as well as pick up tools for how be successful at maintaining long-term contented sobriety.

With sheer perseverance, dedication and support, you can overcome your addiction and put a permanent end to your alcohol problem. Seek out help from trusted institutions like The Good Life Therapy Centre for a chance to turn your life around.

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Addiction Counselling in Vancouver: Achieving Emotional Sobriety

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Addiction Recovery: Effective Treatment Options for Substance Abuse

Substance dependency is not an easy habit to break but it starts with the abuser realizing that he or she has a problem. Although this might be difficult, it is the first real sign of progress. From here, you must find treatment options for your recovery. Your choice, however, should be based on the factors that drove you to substance abuse such as unresolved trauma, the type of substance abuse and personal preferences so you can gain the best results.

Addiction Therapy and Counselling

Therapy and counselling often go hand in hand. It is perhaps one of the most rewarding treatment options as it aims to deal with the problem internally. With the help of a professional therapist, you will find the reason behind your addiction. Whether it’s post-traumatic stress, the negative effects of an accident or unresolved issues with your childhood, getting to the root of the problem is essential to putting a stop to it. Therapy and counselling can also help you by managing your cravings and creating a new life without relying on drugs and alcohol.

Medical Help for Withdrawal Symptoms

People who rely heavily on different substances suffer from withdrawal once they stop, and the first few months of recovery could be the most dangerous time for them. Depending on the substance, a person might experience symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, depression and even hallucinations. If you are currently in the early stages of recovery, it would be ideal to see a doctor to help you deal with the symptoms.

Support Group Meetings

In contrast to individual counselling sessions, support groups are much less personal but can still help in your recovery. During meetings, individuals with similar problems gather together to share experiences about their recovery. Relating to people going through the same things as you is a great way to keep your progress in check. Meetings usually take place weekly or monthly and might even change from time to time so it is a good idea to pair this up with individual counselling.
Full recovery from substance addiction is a slow process that requires a lot of effort on your part as well as support from others. To get started on your way to recovery, schedule an appointment with a therapist from a facility that specialises in addiction recovery like The Good Life Therapy Centre.

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