A Couples training model that integrates attachment theory, differentiation theory and neuroscience to provide you with the tools for managing the most challenging couples dynamics.

Couples Training Group for  

Therapists & Counsellors

Based on the Bader-Pearson

Developmental Model of Couples Therapy

Starts on September 14, 2015

Drs. Ellyn Bader & Peter Pearson are the creators of The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy. They co-founded the Couples Institute in Menlo Park, CA. where they have refined their model over 30 years in a focused clinical couples therapy practice.

 Are you overwhelmed by couples who won’t stop fighting in your office?

Are you disappointed by couples who drop out prematurely before doing their work?

Have you thought, “I’m just not cut out for this – I’ll refer couples to someone else.”

Every therapist has faced these frustrations when attempting to help couples break their destructive patterns. This was certainly true for me.

I used to feel like I was drowning with certain couples, particularly the ones who were constantly attacking each other in my office. I also struggled with the entrenched conflict avoidant couples who refused to take any personal risks and then complained that their therapy wasn’t moving fast enough.

Today, I am a successful couples therapist with a flourishing practice, thanks to my extensive training in the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy. I feel confident taking my role on as the leader in the room and knowing that I can efficiently assist couples to create and attain their goals in therapy

“Now, I actually look forward to couples sessions that in the past filled me with dread.”

If you are a therapist or counsellor who wants to enhance your growth as a professional, expand your practice – all while helping more and more couples find the love they are longing for, then this is the group for you.

In fact, this training group will help you learn how to navigate your way through some of the most tangled and tension-filled moments with your couples.

“I found Sue to be warm and engaging. I loved learning about the brain and the different stages of relationships. Learning about addictions and how it relates to couples therapy was extremely helpful. I would recommend this course to my colleagues.”
– Rosalin Pemberton, M.A. (Vancouver)

What Makes The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy Unique?

It is the most comprehensive model available to you today for the following reasons:

  It moves beyond attachment theory to focus on promoting the successful differentiation of each partner as the heart of real and permanent change. This approach supports and encourages accountability of each partner for their own personal growth, independent of their partner’s process.

It integrates and applies the latest understanding of neuroscientific research. This provides you with tools to help couples emotionally regulate themselves in their stressful interactions with one another and when they are most triggered.

It holds the highest standard for change by showing couples how to be their best selves. This goes beyond the idea of simply fixing problems to focusing on how they can co-create the loving relationship they never thought possible.

Seeing Through a Developmental Lens

We will utilize videos and transcripts of Drs. Bader & Pearson as they work with couples so you can:

learn to assess your couple’s developmental stage

learn to assess each partner’s developmental growing edge

learn healthy development and developmental stalemates

apply treatments based on attachment theory, differentiation theory and the latest neuroscientific findings

As well, you’ll have personal time to discuss how you are applying the tools with couples you are seeing and get immediate feedback.

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk about the work that I’m doing and get feedback. It was so helpful to get an understanding of differentiation so I can explain it to couples. I liked the format because I found that the discussion helped me to integrate the theory. Yes, I would recommend this group.”
-Duncan MacDonald, M.S.W. (Abbotsford)

The Bader-Pearson Model Can Help Those Couples Who Believe They Are Beyond Hope

This work is tremendously rewarding. I have successfully worked with couples who have been told by previous therapists that their relationship was a lost cause.

Couples who are willing to take the risk to call your office and invest their time, energy and financial resources deserve the best chance at success.

“I am very enthusiastic about Sue Diamond Potts bringing a live course in The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy to Vancouver. Sue has trained with me for many years. I have enormous confidence in her and her work. Out of all the thousands of therapists who have taken my training, Sue is the person I selected to be my assistant in my online training program. All the therapists choosing to study with Sue will be in excellent hands as they push their own professional and personal growth.”
-Ellyn Bader, Ph.D, The Couples Institute, Menlo Park, CA.

I am convinced that this is the most effective approach to couples therapy currently available because you will know how to:

๏ repair relationship ruptures in a way that teaches couples to aspire to be better in their future interactions

๏ address the developmental stalemates that keep couples placing demands on each other that are impossible to meet

๏ feel confident managing aggressive as well as passive-aggressive partners

But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to a therapist who has studied many other training models:

Furthermore, you will acquire the following:

๏ Tools to use with couples to assess their developmental stage so that you know how to target the most effective treatment with them

๏ Understanding where your couples are getting stuck developmentally and how you can get them “unstuck”

A road map of how to take your clients from where they are to where they want to be

Clear and precise intervention strategies for change

Increased CONFIDENCE as a couples therapist: you’ll know what to do even in the most difficult sessions with your couples

A network of other therapists who have shared interests, skills & willingness to help each other

Who is This Group for?

new therapists and counsellors who are wanting to learn how to work with couples

experienced therapists who want to update their skills

couples therapists who have trained or certified in other models of couples therapy who want to add a new dimension to their work

Many therapists have spoken highly of the benefits of adding this training to their existing skill set.

Topics covered in the Couples Therapy Training Program:

  1. Introduction to the Bader-Pearson Developmental Model of Couples Therapy.
  2. Diagnosis and assessment of stages of couples development based on the Bader-Pearson Developmental Model of Couples Therapy.
  3. Setting effective goals in couples therapy & getting off to a strong start.
  4. Introduction to the Initiator-Inquirer process.
  5. Use of the Initiator-Inquirer process for structuring treatment.
  6. Overview of issues working with the Hostile-Dependent Couple.
  7. Overview of issues working with the Conflict-Avoidant Couple.
  8.  Overview of issues working with the Passive-Aggressive Partner.
  9. Overview of issues working with Addicted Individuals in Couples Therapy.


Learn more about this training:

“I really enjoyed the information and examples from your practice. I appreciated your feedback and the way you gave it – kind, informative and direct.”
-Paulette Tomasson, R.N. M.A. (West Vancouver – sex addiction specialist)

Group Format

Each session will be a combination of didactic learning and video presentation. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and receive consultation on your own cases.

Dates and Times

The group will meet once a month from 10am to 12:30pm on the following Mondays:

September 14; October 19; November 16; December 7, 2015

January 11; February 15; March 14; April 11 & May 16, 2016


The cost for each 2.5 hour group session is $127.00 plus GST. A deposit of $127.00 plus GST is necessary to secure your place in the group.

You will also get a FREE 30 minute private consultation with Sue Diamond Potts on one of your individual cases during the course of the training if you sign up during the Early Bird Registration.



This is limited to a few select therapists who are dedicated to learning their craft rather than apply a “hit and miss” approach.

This group is kept small to accommodate individual learning.

Join now before it fills.

Please click the button below to make your deposit and hold your spot.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you to become a more competent and confident couples therapist.


Sue Diamond Potts

About the Trainer

Sue Diamond Potts, M.A., is an experienced therapist with over 25 years in the field. PastedGraphic-2 (1)She first trained with Drs. Bader and
Pearson in 1994-95 and has for the past several years been actively involved in Ellyn’s online training and personal consult group. She has also been selected by Dr. Bader to assist with her training program by teaching online and providing supervision to therapists in the program. Sue also has used the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy to rebuild her own marriage with help from Drs. Bader and Pearson. She is passionate and is committed to share this model with other therapists in the Vancouver area in order to enhance their skills and confidence in working with couples and to build a referral network of developmental couples therapists.

Sue is the Founder/Director of The Good Life Therapy Centre.www.goodlifetherapy.ca

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