I have been working as a Registered Clinical Counsellor for nearly 15 years, and have been in various helping professions for over 25 years. My passion for helping others began in my childhood and has remained the largest part of my life through school, work, and international travel.


I approach my work with clients holistically – a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual approach that I tailor to the unique needs of each client and couple. I believe the client-therapist relationship is paramount to any healing and forward progress. Working from a strengths-based perspective, I may utilize motivational interviewing, mindfulness, elements of cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focused techniques, and EMDR to help clients make lasting changes. No matter which skills I decide best suit my clients’ unique issues, they can be sure that I will keep the safety and security of our relationship as a top priority.

Areas of focus:

Couples therapy comprises the bulk of my client work. I have completed in-depth training in the Developmental Model of couples therapy and I enjoy helping couples become the type of partner they each aspire to be and create the type of the relationship they long for.

I have a specialization in adult ADHD. I can help clients determine if they might have ADHD and can assist them in a pursuit of an official diagnosis. I provide executive functioning skills training and support for the multitude of struggles that may arise from having ADHD – including how it shows up and affects relationships.

I have vast experience working with substance use including outpatient clinics and a men’s residential treatment centre. As such, I have familiarity working with men and men’s issues. Additionally, through personal experience, I am very knowledgeable about the issues faced by first responders.

EMDR is another modality in which I have specialized training. This is a type of therapy that can help clients move forward from trauma and can also help them become “unstuck” from whatever is holding them back from living the way they desire.

I provide a warm and compassionate atmosphere where clients can feel comfortable beginning to open themselves up to new ways of being. I also am very real, and will never shy away from pushing clients to move beyond the familiar to become the best version of themselves. I look forward to our work together.

Professional Qualifications and Training:
Master of Counselling (University of Lethbridge)
Registered Clinical Counsellor (British Columbia Association of Clinical
Counsellors #3823)
Bader-Pearson Developmental Model of Couples Therapy (The Couples
EMDR Certification, Levels 1 & 2 (EMDR Consulting)
EMDR Flash Technique Certification (Dr. Philip Manfield)
Substance Use Certificate (Justice Institute of BC via SHARE Family &
Community Services)
ADHD Training (Vancouver Coastal Health and Canadian ADHD Resource
Core Addictions Practice (Fraser Health Authority)
Strengths-Based CBT (Cognitive Workshops)
Trauma-Informed Practice (University of British Columbia)