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It is a smart decision to invest in sobriety coaching.

It means you take your recovery from your addiction or out of control behaviours seriously.

It means you want to utilize every resource at your disposal to ensure that you learn as much as you possibly can, about how to improve & change your habits and create a life worth living.

Sobriety coaching is one-on-one specialized counselling that focuses exclusively on your unique circumstances and personality. The best minds in psychology have told us that all behaviour makes sense. The problem for many of us is that because we are unaware of what is driving our unhealthy, often powerful urges to be self-centred and destructive, we can’t make sense of it. Working with a sobriety coach will help you understand what sets off destructive behaviours and more importantly, what to do to overcome your unmanageability.


  • You recently got clean and/or sober
  • You struggle with ongoing relapse
  • You are in recovery but want to work deeper on yourself without jeopardizing your sobriety
  • You come from an alcoholic or abusive/neglectful family of origin that keeps you acting out in destructive ways
  • You are emotionally numb or disconnected from those you are closest too and escape with obsessive/compulsive activities
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Many people believe that ‘just stopping’ is enough. It turns out – that is not true. While it’s an important first step, it is only that – the first step.

The age at which you started turning towards substances or behaviors to medicate away your painful feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness or feelings of being unloved or unwanted, is when you stopped growing emotionally.

That’s right – you literally ‘escaped’ the hard work of growing the emotional muscle needed to “face life on life’s terms”. SC-IMAGE-3-new Life is hard – sometimes it sucks! However, your ability to meet controversy, conflict, disappointment and loss is what helps you to feel capable and confident in the world. When we ‘stop’, we then must start to grow emotionally. Having a coach who can assist you in the process – someone to shine a light on the path forward, can make it so much easier. And more fun too. Another myth that many addicts suffer from is that they can do it alone. This pseudo-independence is the Achilles’ heel that leads many addicts to the gates of insanity or death. Addiction is a “disease of isolation.” None of us can do it alone. Just like it takes a village to raise a child adequately, it takes a community of caring individuals to carry us to health and healing. In fact, connection to others and a feeling of being cared for is the most important antidotes to relapse. Your sobriety coach will connect with you and support your growth. She will also help you learn how to make and deepen your connections to community. This to the end that you continue to succeed.

Don’t wait any longer.
Make a smart decision to grow in recovery.

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