Vancouver Counselling Can Help Couples Avoid Relationship Pitfalls

The high divorce rates in Vancouver nowadays bring the spotlight to the issues that often cause strain or lead to the failure of a marriage. Infidelity, dissatisfaction, communication problems, or loss of physical attraction can all cause couples to reevaluate if a partnership is indeed worth saving. If you have both decided that the marriage is worth keeping, then it’s time to have a fresh, new perspective and start again.


Reflect on the Things that Happened

The first thing that should be done when encountering a rocky patch in your relationship is to determine what went wrong. Did you grow apart because you’re always busy at work or was someone unfaithful? Issues on child rearing, communication problems, and financial woes often lead to a troubled marriage. After reflecting on the events that led to the problems in your relationship, have a talk with your significant other and determine where both of you stand in each other’s life.

Creating a Plan

After deciding to save the relationship, create a game plan that will clearly outline the steps that you personally think will save your marriage. List down the things that are causing the rift, such as being unwilling to compromise, arguing about everything, or keeping secrets from one another. Create a timeline so that you will know if you are achieving your goals.

Set Expectations and Goals

Being very clear about each other goals in making the relationship work will prevent more misunderstandings from arising later on. Therapists who provide couples counselling in Vancouver can provide guidance in establishing goals. With the help of a therapist, couples can recognize and accept their roles in the relationship.

Reconnect with Each Other

Whether it’s taking a trip down memory lane, finding a hobby you can do together, or finding time for more romance, reconnecting with each other is all about making the relationship stronger. You can both remember the things that brought you together in the past while discovering new aspects of each other that can enliven your future.

Seek Neutral Ground

When it comes to problems in a relationship, the issue shouldn’t be about who is winning or losing—both parties should take an active stance in making things work. Therapists, such as those from The Good Life Therapy Centre, offer couples in Vancouver counselling services that shed light to important matters. In therapy, couples can determine and resolve conflicts in a calm and accepting environment.  Through counselling, you can gain a firmer understanding of each other, the mechanisms at work behind your marriage problems, and the ways to strengthen your bond and achieve the love you are longing for.

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