It can certainly be a strong start if:

  • You and your partner are at the end of your rope.
  • You are out of options for what to do to bring about positive change.
  • You have a very busy schedule or are frequently out of town.

Relationship intensives provide an opportunity for addressing years of communication breakdown, unrepaired hurt and/or addiction and infidelity issues. Most importantly, it does so without the stops and starts of regular weekly or bimonthly sessions.


  • You and your partner barely know each other anymore
  • Time together is more stressful than nurturing
  • You’ve hurt your partner and don’t know how to repair
  • An addiction has hijacked the love you once had
  • Betrayal has left you feeling unsure or uncommitted
  • You are exhausted from trying so hard and for so long to make your marriage work
  • You no longer (or have never) worked as a good TEAM
  • You simply feel done – but want to end it with integrity and grace

If any of these resonate, your relationship may not have time for months of couples therapy.

You want changes that last and you want to see them materialize quickly.

You need something intensely focused so you can stop hurting now.

Regular couples therapy is a process that takes time – often months or years- and partly because there are inevitable interruptions due to scheduling conflicts, holidays or travel time. Any number of reasons arise in the busyness of everyday life that can stall the regular visits that are necessary for ongoing momentum forward. It’s not that this practice doesn’t work – it does, it just takes longer to create the change that must occur for each of you to become a better version of yourself as a partner.

Intensives, on the other hand, offer something unique.

You can work one on one as a couple for an entire day or two, utilizing the 6-12 consecutive hours to build on issues that are keeping you stuck, without interruption.

Benefits include:

  • Rapid repair when a major betrayal has occurred
  • Time to address multiple issues in one session, including addiction and/or infidelity
  • End your relationship in the most healthy and respectful way
  • Lots of time to rehearse new skills before practicing at home
  • Learn about healthy relationships and how to build positive qualities into your everyday interactions
  • Develop a solid TEAM approach to your marriage
  • Understanding why and how you can empower your best self with your partner
  • Acquire a toolkit full of ways to show up under stress and interrupt and defuse ongoing potential pitfalls

This format will kick-start a shift in attitude and outlook that will propel your relationship to a better place.

If this is something that interests you, please provide us the details below and we will be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create the change you are longing for.

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