Counselling Services in Vancouver Can Help Get You through the Bad Times

Although post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is often diagnosed in people affected by war, trauma can be caused by other experiences such as domestic violence, child abuse, car accidents, and natural disasters. This condition can severely affect a person’s behavior and his or her relationships with other people. Counselling for Vancouver patients diagnosed with the disorder is important; even talking about one’s traumatic experience can greatly help people dealing with the problems caused by PTSD.

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Some people can better cope with trauma than others, but nonetheless suffer from its stressful effects. How, then, do you know that you need counselling? Several factors determine whether an incident is traumatic: that it was unexpected, that you were powerless to stop it, and that you were unprepared are the usual earmarks of a traumatic event. Certain physical and emotional symptoms can be telltale signs. For instance, PTSD sufferers often feel sad and disconnected from other people. Physically, insomnia and fatigue often plague those who have survived a traumatic event.

Some people almost immediately bounce back from traumatic events, but a majority of people need help when dealing with PTSD. This is where counselling and therapy come in. Trauma therapy involves processing the traumatic event, discharging all of the nervous energy generated by the trauma, and achieving stability. Trauma isn’t just in the mind, though; people with PTSD have their bodies stuck in “trauma” mode, which means their limbic system, the body’s danger detector, is working overtime and the reasoning parts of the brain are suppressed. Trauma counselling in Vancouver with experienced counsellors at places like The Good Life Therapy Centre can help you deal with the physical and emotional effects of trauma.

Several techniques can help PTSD sufferers adjust. One such technique is cognitive therapy, a process that involves recognizing and evaluating your feelings about a traumatic event. This enables you to properly come to terms with your trauma and start the healing process. A more innovative treatment technique would be body-centred approaches that help resolve the thwarted fight/flight/freeze response by working with the limbic system directly.  Also, at the Good Life Therapy Centre we are using an innovative approach to healing call Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems that help individuals overcome old patterns that keep them stuck and move them towards a much brighter future.

Live a more well-adjusted life after a traumatic event with the help of experienced counsellors. Do not hesitate to seek therapy to ensure that you are mentally and physically well.

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