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About Sue Diamond


Founder, Director – Good Life Therapy Centre My interest in becoming a counsellor developed, in part, from my early life experiences. Both of my parents had lived through WWII in Europe, and the war continued in our home. They both

Deanna Schilling

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Clinical Counsellor and Client Coordinator – Good Life Therapy Centre Deanna is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Adlerian Parent Educator, and is trained in Expressive Play Therapy Methods for Children. Deanna has been immersed in the addictions recovery world both personally

Barbara Plumstead

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  My parents wanted only the best for their kids, but trauma, depression and the alcohol my dad used to cope with life interfered. I swore I wouldn’t follow the same path, but I did. My parents’ unhealthy ways of

Lutetia Wallis-Mayer


Registered Clinical Counsellor & Art Therapist I have always held curiosity in human psychology. After many years of personal counselling and uncovering my own means of healing and growth, I felt the drive to pursue a career in counselling myself.

Christie Behrisch Kumar

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I have been working as a Registered Clinical Counsellor for nearly 15 years, and have been in various helping professions for over 25 years. My passion for helping others began in my childhood and has remained the largest part of

Maureen McBride

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 I have been curious about why people do what they do for as long as I can remember and as a young adult I studied psychology to make sense of my own life and family. Early life experiences allowed me

Maha Sarraf

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Who I am For 30 years I have been living all over the world, listening to people’s stories and learning about what makes us who we are, and I love it. Talking to people, understanding them, knowing what makes them