Who I am
For 30 years I have been living all over the world, listening to people’s stories and learning about what makes us who we are, and I love it. Talking to people, understanding them, knowing what makes them tick, this is where my passion lies. Traveling and living around the world and experiencing an array of customs and cultures, shaped me and helped to one become the therapist I am today – one that specializes in individuals and couples counseling.

I spent 25 years working in education, initially as a teacher, and ultimately as a principal. Over the course of my educational career, I realized much of what I was doing was rooted in counseling and I started to see a transition to therapist as the natural next steps in my life. Instead of working with children, I wanted to work with their parents—supporting them in their parenting journey.

My first counseling certification was Dr. Shefali’s Conscious Parenting Coaching Certificate. After completing this course I was hooked; I had begun my counseling career and I couldn’t wait to learn more. Because of my experiences with parenting and relationship challenges as a result of almost 3 decades in education, I felt that becoming a relationship therapist was the next logical step.

Having spent much of my life outside of Canada, attending, and then working in, international schools, I have a strong understanding of some of the cultural challenges that can develop as a natural part of couples’ lives. I have a strong track record of working with couples and
individuals from Middle Eastern backgrounds and upbringings. As well, I am fluent in Arabic, the language and the culture, and I can offer sessions in Arabic as needed.

My Approach

Clients say that I have a gentle, nurturing, and collaborative approach in my work. I’m passionate about working with individuals and couples and strive to improve the relationships in their life. I like to meet my clients where they are and create real and deep relationships built on trust and safety; I do this by helping clients understand and become aware of their patterns in life, past and present. I like to help clients gently uncover the layers of their past, erasing shadows and shedding light, acceptance and understanding of self.
My couples therapy training has been eclectic – I am currently training in the Developmental Model (Ellyn Bader), but I also integrate other modalities—PACT, Imago, Esther Perel, Gottman, & EFT. I also include mindfulness, CBT, DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), attachment and somatic work.
I offer structure and clear follow through, providing progressive and forward moving treatments to the couples and individuals I work with. I work effectively with many issues.


I have two master’s degrees in education and a Professional Counseling Diploma from Rhodes Wellness College. I am licensed by two BC based organizations. I am a Registered Professional Counsellor-Candidate with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (Registration # 4331) and I am also a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (Registration #3069).

• MA in Education (Teachers College, Columbia University)
• M.ED Curriculum and Instruction (Penn State University)
• Professional Counselling Diploma (Rhodes Wellness College)
• Registered Professional Counsellor Candidate RPC-C (#4331)
• Registered Therapeutic Counsellor RTC (#3069)
• Bader-Pearson Developmental Model of Couples Therapy (The Couples
• Conscious Parenting Coach (Dr. Shefali’s Institute for Conscious Parenting Coaching)
• Life Coach and member of International Coaching Federation (IFC # 009594611I)
• Trauma informed Practice (Rhodes Wellness College)
• Cognitive Behavior Therapy CBT certification (Rhodes Wellness College)
• Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT certification (Rhodes Wellness College)