Improve Your Mental Health During this Coronavirus Pandemic

I have been thinking of you a lot as we all navigate our way through an unbelievably bizarre time. I’ve heard from some of you that there are lots of positives to “sheltering-in-place,” like not having to commute, more time with family, or just the slowed-down pace.

I’ve also heard that there are a lot of challenges, especially as the time we are restricted from doing what we normally do carries on. Many of us find ourselves on an emotional roller coaster of sorts – some days are just fine, and other days feel surreal at best and downright depressing at worst.

I’ve put together a few ideas to ensure you (and your partner) can keep your heads above water. The actions we take each day will determine how well we ride out this global pandemic. There are so many opportunities right now, if we will remember to look for them and challenge ourselves to not only get through this time, but to be our best selves when it matters the most.

Check out my guidelines for survival and take the self-care assessment here.


Sue Diamond, M.A., is the Founder and Clinical Director of the Good Life Therapy Centre which focuses on helping couples and individuals create loving relationships in the aftermath of addiction and relationship trauma.
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