Wisdom and Wholeness

I’ve been in India for the last 10 days and it is HOT, unseasonably so.  I was told that October is the nicest time to visit due to the moderate temperatures.  Well, as we also experienced this year, it seems this is a hot, dry year in northern India.  The Ganges river is not so mighty right now, but rather a meandering trickle.


Being in 38 degree temperatures is like having the benefits of a daily sauna, extracting impurities from my system in the most natural of ways.  It’s lovely but it takes some getting used to, since we are not accustomed to this heat in N.A.

In this morning’s meditation, I found myself thinking about how much we second guess ourselves throughout our lives. It seemed clear to me how unnecessary it was and how we can be much more productive with our life force energy. Here is what became clear:

Sometimes it’s important that we recognize the goodness, the rightness of our decisions, even when the outcome is not what we were expecting. All too often we find ourselves saying, “Oh, I should have….”, and we could fill in the blank with a thousand admonitions of ourselves about how we fell short somehow. And yet, I believe there is a time to Trust – that there is a part of ourselves that is whole and wise and is connected to the Source of Wisdom and Wholeness.  This part has not been affected by the events in our lives.  It simply Knows. I believe that this part calls us to our highest self and acts courageously, even in the face of hardship.  The problem is that most of us don’t spend enough time connecting to this “small, still voice” inside that can offer intuitive direction. My Guru refers to this as “power, peace and knowledge”, which is within us and is our birthright.

So maybe, if you can today, spend a little time making a connection with this part of yourself – an accepting, nurturing relationship where Trust is allowed to blossom.  Write down what you recognize you “know” to be true for you, in the most positive way.  If needed, make a plan to take some small action on this truth, to propel you to higher ground. Let me know what you discover.

In the wake of Thanksgiving, I sign off with a heart full of gratitude for the gift of a blessed life,





P.S. –  I am working on an article about Indian saints and modern day happiness. I hope to have it to you shortly.

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One thought on “Wisdom and Wholeness

  1. Thank you Sue, what a lovely sentiment. I will do as you suggested, you've never steered me wrong yet.
    I was just speaking to someone about this the other night in a sense. I was at a meeting Friday night and a young man sat next to me. I immediately had overwhelming feelings, it took me a second to recognize them as fear, some part of me knew this was not a well person and I felt he was very dangerous. He was the last speaker and his talk confirmed what my inner voice was telling me.
    In relaying this story I was saying that us humans are the only animals who's heads are so full of noise we often don't hear or pay attention to that gift we are given.
    I look forward to talking and hearing all about your trip.
    You are a beautiful, powerful spirit Sue and I love you xo