Stay focused on Self Love this Valentine’s Day!

Stay focused on Self Love this Valentine’s Day. That way, if you don’t have a significant other, you can still enjoy the day because of  the love you show to yourself. If someone else shows you love – that’s a

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Can you receive as well as you can give?

Most of the attention this time of year is on giving – I get it. It’s the time for many of us to express our love and appreciation for others by giving gifts to those close to our hearts. It’s also become a time of awareness towards those less fortunate than ourselves and knowing that our giving makes a real difference in their lives.

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7 Keys to Happiness

Could you use more happiness in your life? I’m Sue Diamond Potts and I recently learned what factors are involved in the lives of the happiest people in the world. It may surprise you to find out it’s not what

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The 4 Agreements for Peace of Mind

Going on Retreat At the end of August each year I attend a 2-week meditation retreat. This is an important time for me to exit from my busy life and look inward and upward for direction in my life.  There

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Did You Know…Chronic Fatigue, Frequent Confusion and High Anxiety Can Be A Direct Result of Unresolved Trauma?

 According to,  ‘A traumatic event is an incident that causes physical, emotional, spiritual, or psychological harm. The person experiencing the distressing event may feel threatened, anxious, or frightened as a result. In some cases, they may not know how

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