Helping Couples Separate with Dignity and Grace

Sometimes there is no “happily ever after” for the couples we work with. By the time they make it to our office, the “water under the bridge” is no longer flowing, leaving no way back to harmony and reconciliation. Only

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Emotional Sobriety: How to Work Effectively with Addicted Partners

I recently taught a class for Dr. Ellyn Bader in her online couples training program on working with alcoholic/addicts on developing their emotional sobriety. I want to share some of the highlights of that class with you here. Addicts by nature

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Retreat and Refocus

Focusing on Your Aim of Life East = Inward A few times a year, I exit from my busy life running a therapy centre to go on meditation retreat. I’m here now studying under Kriyayoga Master, Yogi Satyam and enjoying

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2 Key Tactics to Keep Couples Motivated 

Are you afraid of hard work? Not your own hard work. Your clients’. Did you know the only way partners can expect meaningful change in their relationship is if they commit to ongoing strenuous effort? If not, you are not alone. As crazy as it sounds, so

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What Most Therapists Don’t Know

Get Couples Therapy on Track and Moving:  What most Therapists Don’t Know I love working with high distressed couples because it challenges me as a therapist to grow and learn.  I’m not saying it’s easy – it’s anything but.  A

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