Couples Counselling in Vancouver: Overcoming Relationship Challenges

No relationship is perfect. There are bound to be some bumps along the way that you as a couple should resolve together to strengthen your bond. When your relationship is no longer in the honeymoon phase, there could be huge fights, conflicts, and other relationship problems that may threaten your marriage. Vancouver counselling for couples can help you find answers, communicate better to solve problems, and have a more loving relationship with your spouse.


Constant Arguments

Couples fight; that’s a reality. When neither party can compromise nor see the value of each other’s perspective, the relationship takes a turn for the worse. Some couples fight over the smallest things then fail to remember what triggered their argument in the first place. Couples therapy can help establish healthy communication, thereby avoiding permanent damage to their marriage.

Loss of Attraction and Sexual Desire

It is not uncommon for couples who have been married for a very long time to hit a rough patch in their sex life. Between the nine-to-five job and taking care of the kids, there’s barely time to go out on a date and find some alone time for intimacy. Some sexual issues can also make it difficult for couples to keep the fire burning. Couples counselling sessions can help long-time partners get right to the root of the problem and restore their connection.

Infidelity and Secretive Behaviour

Keeping secrets is never a healthy habit in any relationship. Often, the one kept in the dark starts to have suspicions, and the most common conclusion is infidelity. The biggest deal breaker for marriages is when either spouse has an affair. However, an affair is not just an affair. There is a reason behind it that needs to be exposed before the relationship can be repaired.

Wanting to Change Your Partner

When people come in for couples therapy, they expect something to change, and more often than not, it has to do with their partner’s habits or behavior. This is the wrong reason to go to a counsellor. The goal of couples counselling is to change the relationship for the better, which means that both partners need to commit to certain changes to make the relationship work. Couples counselling will give couples the chance to see things from each other’s perspective and clearly understand what needs to change.

Many marital problems would benefit from counselling. Before it’s too late to salvage your marriage, seek counselling at institutions like The Good Life Therapy Centre.


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