Thought for today: March 25, 2015


If we stay present with ourselves, life opens up to reveal all roads ahead – we have choice to respond, to act, to move towards the infinite. When we are distracted by fear – we have little choice – only our panic reactiveness – desperate to stay safe.
Instead of defending, always defending, putting walls up, shutting others out – stay in the present with yourself and chose Love – which brings infinite joy.

Thought for today: March 24, 2015

What if what was hidden inside was not awful. How wonderful to be able to explore what is within – that can be uncovered, discovered and welcomed. Imagine that all of it is good & wise. Travel down secret passageways to everywhere with joy and delight. You are not defined by your past and you can feel your connection to everything – that you are a part of the whole. How about that?

Thought for today: March 13, 2015


Be Yourself – accomplish your dreams! – sounds obvious, but not really. How often do you think, “I’m not as good as…they won’t like me…or accept me…? Then the merry-go-round of “who do I need to be to be with you? It’s exhausting. Just be yourself. Think of Mahatma Gandhi. When he was asked what he would wear if invited to visit the British Prime Minister, he replied that he would wear what he always did, his dhoti. He said that to wear a suit would be thoroughly inauthentic. Hmm. He did attend that meeting in his dhoti and we all know what he accomplished being himself.